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Since getting back into unstructured training I have been enjoying significant amount of time exploring the amazing network of trails Boulder has to offer.  Cruising down Green Mountain last week on the newly opened re-route of Green-Bear Trail (closed from one of the wild fires this past summer) I couldn’t believe I have lived in Boulder for eight years and had NEVER set foot on this trail!  The smooth tree-lined single track fostered a purity of motion I had been missing with much of my time spent training for triathlons.  Having trained at a high level for over ten years it is easy to get into similar training patterns/routines.  Going off-road with my running has brought a welcome reprieve from this familiarity as I am enjoying new routes and trails while challenging myself to get out of the comfort zone.  It has inspired me to run the Tsali Frosty Foot 50k next month in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina as well as grow a beard!

Another spark of motivation has come from running with the Boulder Track Club.  Guided by legendary coach & Olympic marathoner Lee Troop (@runtroopy) this club has emerged as one of Boulder’s finest training groups.  More importantly though is the commaradarie found within this talented collection of runners.  From Olympic hopefuls, former Division I collegiate runners and everyday athletes this training group has pushed me to be a better runner and person.  A simple example of the quality of character & passion for running found within the BTC can be seen in these athlete blogs: Mark and Betsy.

As you venture into 2013 I encourage you to get off the beaten path and explore new challenges –  Whether it’s a new running route, training group, hiking trail, volunteer work, Cross Fit class or spiritual retreat – live life boldly!!

May you have a blessed Christmas season,


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