“Every morning in Africa a gazelle awakens knowing it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be eaten.  Every morning in Africa a lion awakens knowing it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve.  Whether you are a gazelle or a lion, when the sun comes up you better be running.”  – African proverb

With over fifteen years experience in multisport, I have developed a working understanding of training principles and how to maximize one’s ability.  Three key aspects for success as an endurance athlete are consistency with training, recovery and having a strong psyche.  Prior to racing at the professional level I competed as a competitive age-grouper and understand the demands of balancing training with life.  In partnering with me you can expect to be challenged in a healthy, well-structured plan in your pursuit of excellence.  In addition to the physical aspect of your training I will assist you in formulating a sound nutritional plan as well as the psychological components to include goal setting and specific strategies to help you be your best.  Every athlete can expect:

  • initial phone consult & start-up questionaire
  • initial testing and goal setting to establish annual plan
  • customized training plan to meet specific needs and demands of life outside sport
  • weekly training schedules delivered via Training Peaks software
  • periodized strength training plan and preventive injury exercises
  • pre and post race analysis
  • development of an effective nutrition plan for training, racing & recovery
  • periodic testing and evaluations to assess progress
  • weekly scheduled phone consult and unlimited email & phone contacts
  • timely response to voicemails & emails

I expect my athletes to communicate with me on a regular basis which includes logging pertinent data in Training Peaks and keeping me informed of obligations (work, travel, etc.) outside sport which will impact training.  My interest is helping you be your best in a dynamic, fun structure.  I am proud to be part of the D3 Multisport coaching team.  For more information please visit the D3 website or contact me directly.

Athlete Testimonies

Kenny displaying the hardware

Ken Krausman ( Clarkston, MI) – “I was referred to Brad through a friend as a 43 year old “newbie” looking for some “advice” and within a year or so of Brad’s coaching, I worked my way up to an Ironman 70.3 (5:44) and my first ever Marathon (3:19:58 and Boston Qualifier).  It wasn’t all work and no play.  Along the way, we did several sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, 10k and half-marathon road races.  I can’t express how much I respect and appreciate Brad’s high level of “hands on” coaching which is quite impressive considering that we were 2000 miles from one another.  Today I am still doing triathlons for fun and have focused my competitive spirit on road racing and now consisitently place in the top 5% of the field and have several age group and even a few overall titles to my name.  I have learned so much from Brad and continue to be insprired by his accomplishments as much as my own.  I highly recommend Brad to any athlete regardless of age or ability.  I am certain Brad can take you to the next level and you will really enjoy him as much as a person as you will a coach!”


Barry Edwards (New Orleans, LA) – “I used Coach Brad for Ironman Florida 2011 and with his training I finished strong with an am azing time of 10:23 in my first Ironman.  Not only is he very knowledgeable and experienced, but he is easy to work with, humble, balanced and won’t overtrain you.  He not only helped me physically, but encouraged me to approach the race with mental and spiritual preparation as well and it paid off.  I highly recommend him.”



Frances (Denver, CO) – “Reliable, thoughtful, empowering—this is Brad Seng.  In my initial interactions with Brad I immediately noticed his personable ways.  Now, having worked with him for the past season, I can say that Brad is truly unwavering in his purposefulness.  He takes an active role in maintaining regular communication in order to write a well-designed and appropriate training schedule.  Brad takes pride in his work, in knowing his athletes.  His outlook on sport and life is refreshing—ultimately it is this outlook that makes me glad to know Brad as coach.”








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