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Fueled by Faith

Having raced 19 Ironmans and numerous sprint, Olympic distance and half Ironman events I have witnessed a full spectrum of emotions, attitudes and performances by athletes of all abilities and ages.  From the first timers to the seasoned professionals I have seen incredible feats of athleticism and... [Read more...]

TriFest for MS Weekend

This past weekend I had the privilege of racing in the TriFest for MS F1 event.  It was a stellar weekend of racing supporting Jo & Scott Rampy and their foundation, Research MS.  It was a three day celebration of good health, triathlon, family and community.  It also allowed me to spend the weekend... [Read more...]

Mooseman 70.3

In 5th grade I wrote a short story called, “The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”.  That pretty much sums up my race at the recent Mooseman 70.3 held in scenic New Hampshire. My swim was okay and really the best part of my race.  I was able to secure a good draft and swam with the first... [Read more...]

Horsetooth Half Marathon Race Report

With climbs at 6.5-9% grade within the first five miles and peaks with names of Monster Mountain, Dam Hill and Bingham Hill there is a reason the Horsetooth Half Marathon is considered one of America’s toughest half marathons.  Throw in the altitude and you have yourself one tough and honest road... [Read more...]

Abstinence Education

In light of a recent article in the Boulder Daily Camera I would like to share a few thoughts.  The article may be found here. For the past five years I have spoken in numerous Boulder Valley Schools as a guest speaker on the topic of abstinence as a healthy option for teens to consider when making... [Read more...]

Hot v Attractive

When addressing our young people on the benefits of abstinence, part of my healthy message on sexual integrity is rooted in how we view each other as men and women.  Pornography and the practice of sexting are cause for the development of an extremely distorted viewpoint of authentic womanhood and manhood. ... [Read more...]

Importance of Rest

I was reminded today of the importance of rest and listening to one’s body when rest is needed.  After an early am swim on my own with drill emphasis I had plans for a tempo run & easy bike late afternoon.  2012 has been off to a frenzied start allowing me to fine tune my time management... [Read more...]

Laying the Foundation: Steady with Discipline

Over the holidays I had the opportunity to get together with my long-time friend, coach and now advisor Zane Castro.  He possesses a zen-like methodology and I have always had the utmost respect for his insights.  During our conversation he was quick to point out the lack of fundamental aerobic base... [Read more...]

Advent Prayer

This prayer was included in my church bulletin and I thought it would be worth sharing.  Life can get extremely busy this time of year with all the Christmas and holiday buzz.  Here are some words to encourage us this Advent season. Come, Holy Spirit, Replace the tension within me with a holy relaxation, Replace... [Read more...]

Ramdom Pics from Ironman Florida

Just a few pics from last weekend’s race in Panama City Beach… Enjoying the IronPrayer with Barry No armwarmers or extra layers this year! Speeding thru hairpin turn Struggling to run early in the marathon Heading out for 2nd loop & hurting  Read More →

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